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Managing relation with the customers has become as crucial as anything in today’s professional world. Talking about any business, customers are their real asset, the more they increase, in numbers as well as their trust in your business, the more they describe your market strength. No other relation is stronger than our customers’. We take it as a long-term relation.

Acquiring Leads

Looking for prospect is as important an area for any business to prosper. Different mediums are used to attract potential customer, running campaigns, gathering their details and then try to convert those leads into opportunities is the basic purpose. Cirumtech’s CRM module will help you do this in proper way. You can arrange leads into different priorities, probabilities and ratings so that you will be able to concentrate on real customer.

Handling opportunities

Converting those potential customer into opportunities and then to actual sale is the core idea of CRM module. Cirumtech assures help you running this module in a way it grab your objective. User friendly screen helps you enter and manage data safely and quickly.

Converting opportunities to SALE

You can make Sale order by pressing one button. Auto connectivity (in whole ERP) among screens will help you save your time and avoid common errors.

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With Cirumtech, you can go live in days, not months.

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