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Streamline your fund management thru C-BIS

Now-a-days you need to run your business efficiently & smartly too, for best managing your resources as they are always scarce. Commercial banks, depending on your better terms with them, finance you in such condition that is beneficial for both the banks and their clients in day-to-day business. CIRUMTECH have designed this module accordingly.

Defining Exposure

Allows you to determine and put your agreement in one screen so that you will be able to utilize this facility in a best possible manner. By saving all the agreed points, you may proceed smoothly.

Requesting Facility

By defining exposure you will easily be able to create request to bank whenever you require some financial assistance. Based on exposure defined you may request different amount in different times at will by giving all the necessary details.

Avail the request

After requesting any particular amount, you will be able to avail that amount in prior defined terms & conditions. It’s a very easy to understand process user may operate without much training.

Facility Reports

Reports related to bank facility are designed in such comprehensive manner so that user as well as management will easily be able to take to look and understand the status of their standing in terms of Bank Facility.

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